A Reflection of The Common Smile Formed Through the Experiences of a Man

10 Sep

In The United States of America, people often greet friends with handshakes, in Zambia, friends squeeze each other’s thumbs, and in Cambodia, people press their hands together as a sign of respect. People all across the world, belonging to different countries and cultures, have unique ways of communicating. But perhaps the most universal means of communication is the smile.

I have friends who come from other cultures than my own, but for some reason they all seem to respond the same way to a genuine smile: they smile back and it seems like for an instant, I am brightening that person’s day by smiling. For this reason, I like to smile a lot. I don’t force myself to smile or go out of my way to smile at people, but when I have the urge to smile, I do it. It sounds strange when I think about how I am doing something positive just by moving my lips in a certain way and flashing my teeth.

People who smile way too often creep me out. “Why is this person smiling so much? Why are they so happy? No one is actually that happy.”  When I’m around someone who never smiles I feel strange. This non-smile-er doesn’t scare me but makes me think that he or she is depressed or that something is wrong in that person’s life. There is clearly a balance between smiling too much and too little. The balance lies somewhere in between the creepy and the depressed person. Did you just smile?

How do you feel when someone smiles at you? For me, it’s hard to put into words exactly how a smile makes me feel, but it definitely makes me feel special knowing that a person actually cares about me and values my existence in the world. Receiving a smile is very reassuring – I feel good.

The power of the smile is undeniable: it can brighten someone’s day, boost your immune system, and help you attract a mate. But the smile is a delicate weapon; too much or too little smiling makes others uncomfortable. So judge how those around you respond to your smiling frequency, adjust accordingly, and maximize your results!

by Adam Solomon


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