I Guess You Could Call It Networking

19 Sep

I arrive at the restaurant and nervously ask the hostess if the person under a certain reservation name has arrived yet. She tells me no and leads me to a table. I breathe a sigh of relief…well, maybe a half sigh of relief. The reservation is to meet the head of a company who will be interviewing me. I can’t relax quite yet.

I look around at the other tables in the restaurant. Most of the people are dressed in business-casual, and I think about how I must look much like them since I am dressed in a business skirt and blazer. I had been on other interviews, but this was the most professional one that I had thus far. I had no idea what the interview would be like, since I had found the company by searching through the Better Business Bureau. I was excited when one day I received a call responding to the e-mail I sent to this company asking if it was interested in an unpaid summer intern.

After a little bit, the head of the company arrives, and we start making small talk. We chat, and I realize that the internship sounds interesting and that the interview is not so intimidating after all. The position sounds like something that both the company and I could benefit from, so I agree to work there when the interviewer offers me the internship. In the end, I learned that reaching out to other business professionals can really pay off.

My internship ended with a lunch out with my co-workers and I thought once again how it surprised me to be like the other groups of co-workers out for lunch. It was a nice way to end the summer.

by Elizabeth Lang


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