Job Termination via Telephone Call

19 Sep

The phone rings.


“Dear _____, we really appreciate all of the work that you have done for our corporation; however, we have come to the conclusion to let you go. You’re fired.”

Supervisors tend to notify their employees of their job termination in a face to face meeting.

However, Yahoo’s Carol Bartz, the CEO of Yahoo, was fired via telephone call. The chairman’s action degraded both Yahoo’s image and reputation in human relations.

Yahoo’s firing tactic sparked a renewed interest in business etiquette techniques. A study published in the Journal of Business Ethics revealed that business communication should be driven by respect and dignity. If the employee being fired does not feel respected, or if the employer compromises the employee’s dignity during the termination process, an inevitable conflict arises. Although there may be some instances where a telephone call is suitable in the firing process, management experts suggest firing the employee in person, especially if his or her job position is highly respected.

What do you think about Yahoo’s firing tactics? How would you react if your boss called you to inform you of your job termination instead of setting up a meeting? How would you go about firing an employee?


by Grace Wey


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