A New Age of Business Communication: All in the Palm of Your Hand

21 Oct


The iPhone 4S is undoubtedly changing the way we look at smartphones.  It is truly the smartest yet and will have an immediate impact on the way people can communicate, both in business and leisure.

Many new aspects of the iPhone will streamline business practices, in particular Siri and iCloud. Siri is essentially a personal assistant on your phone, at your disposal 24/7.  If somebody asks you a question, you can have Siri find the answer quicker than ever before.  If you get a memo regarding a future meeting, you can have Siri put it in your calendar, so you will never miss another meeting again.  You can ask Siri for directions to the conference, ask for realtime updates on your investments, and send texts and emails, all without taking your eyes off the road.

Can’t make that meeting with your partner? FaceTime lets you videochat with another iPhone owner, or download Skype from the App Store, and you can have a face-to-face conversation, even if you’re half way across the country.

On your way to a big proposal but forgot to send yourself the updated version from your Macbook? Don’t worry! iCloud automatically uploads your documents to your mobile devices, so you will always be prepared.

Now, before you get too excited, listen to a few early complaints from owners:

  • Slow service on Sprint, specifically data speeds
  • Weak battery life due to increased power consumption
  • Siri struggles outside the U.S., mainly location-based actions
  • Problems with the shutter on the camera
  • Yellowish Tint on the screen from manufacturing residue

I’m not sure these are enough to deter somebody from buying this technological wonder, but perhaps it is a warning to wait a month or two and let Apple work out the kinks before you fly into the store.

by Jacob Lazarus


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