Follow the Green Dot

26 Oct

Let’s say you’ve never heard of Deloitte, or maybe you’ve heard the name but you’re not too sure what exactly they do. What stands out to you in their logo? If you’re like me, you’ve probably noticed the green dot.

Deloitte is one of the Big Four accountancy firms, but unlike the other three, Deloitte is the #1 market-leading professional services organization. Accounting doesn’t provide leeway for a whole lot of variation, so how does Deloitte consistently come out on top? The answer lies in an innovative brand strategy.

What’s with the Green Dot?

The Green Dot campaign is Deloitte’s first global ad campaign. Its purpose is to strengthen relationships with clients and employees by creating a global association between Deloitte and the Green Dot. The crux of the campaign is its visually simple yet striking style. Every Green Dot ad contrasts the green dot against a white or black background, which provides clarity and emphasizes Deloitte’s innovation. Rather than restricting the Green Dot to a concrete definition, it exists as an abstraction of a unique Deloitte solution. The Green Dot eliminates the ambiguity of words and effectively communicates to clients Deloitte’s presence and commitment to providing solutions in any situation.

Even Accountants Use YouTube

Green Dot ads have appeared in over 100 countries in newspapers, billboards, business magazines, finance websites, and even social media. Deloitte’s YouTube account has successfully attracted visitors with its 30 second Green Dot videos on specific topics like “Risk.” The initial Green Dot video campaign ad below is an almost entirely visual experience that depicts the Green Dot as a “hero” within a dull background.

Lessons Learned

Through the Green Dot, Deloitte has proven that even an accountancy firm can find value in marketing campaigns.  In the financial services industry, finding a concise way to communicate solutions is nearly impossible since clients often present unique problems that require tailored solutions. However, Deloitte’s Green Dot symbolizes that unique solution and enables clients to easily understand Deloitte’s message—that they can solve any problem.

by Stacey Luo 


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