Lack of Communication

13 Nov

Penn State recently underwent a tremendous change in their college football program when they decided to fire the legendary Joe Paterno. Joe Paterno is the winningest coach in all of college football history, but because of a lack of communication Penn State fired him and terminated his historic 46-year run as head coach. One of Joe’s former defensive coordinators, Jerry Sandusky, allegedly committed felonies of child abuse spanning 15 years. Throughout these 15 years, Paterno allegedly saw at least one of these incidents happen and failed to report it to the proper authorities. When Paterno witnessed these events he told Penn State’s athletic director but not the police, and since he did not alert the correct people his reputation and icon is tarnished.

This example is something that can happen to an everyday person because of a lack of communication. Paterno was a coach for 46 years and he was fired unjustly and quickly once the news of the scandal spread. He was partially blamed for wrongdoing since he did not alert the police. If he properly communicated to the police, he would not be in this predicament and would still have his reputation intact. It is a shame since he is one of the most respected college football figures in all its history. If he communicated and acted when it was necessary, everything for him would be as it was. This example shows the need for communication whenever it’s relevant because one never knows the repercussions they may or may not face for not communicating properly. Whether this is an issue regarding the law or regarding an opinion or belief, communicating and talking will prevent any mishaps from occurring and help inform the public of what is really happening.

by Adam Kurtz


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