Importance of Communication Outside of Business

21 Nov

Communication skills are not just important in business but also in sports. Since 1994, NFL coaches have been communicating the plays with the quarterback in the huddle through a headset in the player’s helmet. This addition to the sport was monumental in increasing the level of play and creating a future standard for generations to come.

Through greater communication, just as in business, NFL teams are able to use more strategy to better outsmart the opponent. However, the NFL realized that the offense was gaining an advantage over the defense because it possessed this increased in quality of communication. Therefore, in 2008, the NFL changed its policy and allowed for one defensive player to wear a headset as well. Presently, both the offenses and the defenses are on an even keel in terms of electronic communication. The headsets have altered the game forever and have become so vital to the current state of the sport that an extra equipment manager must be hired to ensure that the headsets are working.

Although the business world may be the most important forum for utilizing great communication skills, it is interesting to consider how better communication can enhance change other industries such as professional sports leagues.


by Lucas Grunberger


3 Responses to “Importance of Communication Outside of Business”

  1. Gregory Porter November 27, 2011 at 3:19 am #

    Great article, Lucas! It is interesting to see how important communication is in all aspects of life. I think this post is especially interesting because it brings up the idea that communication can cause one to have a competitive advantage. Like in football, in business, one is always trying to gain an advantage. A firm with better communication between divisions is able to be more successful due to the ability to make quicker, more accurate decisions. For example, in Sales & Trading, the ability for a trader to quickly communicate with clients, his/her managers, and colleagues is essential to the trader’s ability to make a quick and profitable decision. Unlike in sports, rules are not made to “even the field” in business; therefore, advantages in communication can a noticeable impact.


    • Robert Knapel November 29, 2011 at 6:36 am #


      I agree with you that communication is incredibly important in the sports world. I have seen so many football games where a miscommunication has led to an interception that has cost a team the game. This is no different than the business world. One simple miscommunication could cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars.


  2. Michael Cohen December 1, 2011 at 12:53 am #

    I’d be interest to know what you think about players being able to communicate with the sidelines at all. I feel like it isn’t clear when exactly that theoretical barrier between coaches and players will stop moving.

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