Steve Jobs: Model Innovator and Presenter

5 Dec

In memory of Steve Jobs and his enormous impact on the world, I will be discussing the keys to his success from a public speaking standpoint. Jobs, the co-founder of Apple Inc., showed his talents to the world beginning in 1984 with his presentation on the first Macintosh. During this presentation, Jobs started his presentation with an awe-inspiring act. He had the Macintosh read out loud a script that he had written to introduce the product and presentation. Not only does Apple serve as an exemplary company but Steve Jobs will always serve as a model for presenters.  I have formulated three consistent aspects in Jobs’s presentation that contribute greatly to his success.

The Hook

While watching Jobs present, we see that Jobs quickly grabs the attention of the audience, whether using a witty line, logos, or using another smart technique. For example, when presenting the first IPod, Jobs explains Apple should enter this business because “music is a part of everyone’s life. Everyone. Music has been around forever.” This represents a logical reason as to why Apple should enter the portable music industry. He then supports his idea by showing, with statistics, that an IPod will save consumers money and time, compared to other products in the industry (i.e. the CD player and flash player), and would help Apple take over the industry and turn in huge profits.

The Story

Steve Jobs engages audiences by presenting his information in a form of a story. Each topic logically follows the previous one and in the end he ties his story up neatly. For instance, with his MacBook Air presentation, Jobs explains how first, Apple measured the competition. Next, the Apple team decided which characteristics it would like to mimic with its new product. And, finally, he introduces the characteristics of the MacBook Air and introduces it to the audience. In this presentation, Jobs stresses the central idea of “world’s thinnest notebook,” which is also the point that he finishes his MacBook Air presentation about.

The Passion

We quickly notice that Jobs does not rely on memorization or on slides during any of his presentations. How can he know what he is going to say for such a long presentation? Passion. He does not need to rely on his memory because he truly believes in what he is saying and we can see this passion by his enthusiasm and his strong words, such as “unprecedented.” The first Macintosh captures Jobs’s passion perfectly when it identifies him as “a man who’s been like a father to me… Steve Jobs.”

Watch these videos to learn and understand for yourselves:





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