Resumes Going Obsolete?

30 Jan

As you know, your resume is the first thing you worry about on a job hunt. Some career guidance classes specifically prepare you to write an effective resume. We put much emphasis on this piece of paper because your resume allows you to effectively communicate with our employers by portraying a still-shot of our life. Or does it?

A Different Approach

While browsing the website of the Wall Street Journal for some updates on the world I came across an article highlighting Union Square Ventures, a New York venture-capital firm, which took a different approach in looking for the best job candidates: through “Web Presence.” The firm decided that the depth of a candidate as perceived by the company through a resume is simply not enough for the firm to scan for the best candidate from the bunch. Thus they asked for links to Twitter or Tumblr blogs from the applicants to get a feel for how the candidates would fit into the company socially. This hiring anomaly doesn’t stop here., a company that makes bumper and marketing stickers, has also followed this radical path of screening applicants with an online survey. With the surveys tailored for each job position, the company indicates its belief that this alternative will serve as a “self-filter” for the enormous waves of applicants. They have set aside resumes as being an optional attachment. Even IGN Entertainment Inc, one of the better known gaming and media firm, took a different approach in looking for the best job candidates through online challenges and asking for a video that demonstrates the candidate’s passion for gaming.

What’s to Come?

The resume has been thought of as an effective means of communication with the employers because of the emphasis on conciseness. Now, however, as you can see from these cultural outbursts, our former belief might be scrapped. Conjecturing radical change might be too brash because most companies still put a primary emphasis on resumes for hiring. This shift in vision, however, shows that some companies have noticed the limitation of communication through a piece of paper.

Numerous opportunities for creative communication with employers are certain in the future. You won’t have to try to make a piece of paper come to life and tell the story of your life for you. The job search will become a chess game where your pawns represent your ways of communication and the opponent’s king, the will of your employer. You will have to stay a few moves ahead of your “opponent” to skillfully use your pawns to take your his king. A whole new era might come soon, and we need to be prepared for it through polishing our skills to communicate with another. So what’s your next move?

by Elliot Yun


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