Google’s Unique Take on Running a Company Makes its Way Into the Interview Room

31 Jan

The Questions

With the unemployment rate over eight percent, employers are facing the prospect of receiving more and more job applications for a single position. Top firms such as Google and Bank of America receive a disproportionate number of job applications than the average firm. Almost every applicant at these firms is qualified, and Google must do its best to pick the very best employee for the job. These firms are deemphasizing the traditional business questions like, “How would you describe yourself?” for more quirky ones such as, “Design an evacuation plan for San Francisco”(WSJ). Google also has asked, “A man pushed his car to a hotel and lost his fortune–what happened?” (WSJ). Questions like these are common for Google to ask.

The Logic

Firms design these types of questions to see how one thinks. Google and other firms do not look for one right answer to these types of questions. Applicants need to be able to show their employers that they can think through complex problems independently. Differentiation is key for applicants. Interviewers can begin to sort applicants by the way they answer the questions and hire the candidate that is best for the firm. Going to a top ten school and being on the dean’s list is not enough anymore. Make sure to research the firm and position. Find out what they desire most and what the position is focused on. While interviewing for a Quant job on Wall Street, make sure to brush up on probability and be ready for strange ways to answer those questions. Although these unique questions are becoming more popular, the way you act, dress, and present yourself are key to any interview.

by Chris Morehouse

More Interview Questions From Google:


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