Social Media: The Super Bowl Commercial’s Best Friend

13 Feb

At 5:30 pm Central on Super Bowl Sunday, the most creative marketing and communication strategies of the most prominent American companies would make their “television debut.” However, for many of the commercials this was not a “debut,” because they were viewed on the Internet in the week before the game.

Journalist Lisa Richwine explains “More advertisers are encouraging their agencies to upload their ads to [social media] websites like YouTube and Vimeo to generate as much buzz as possible.” Considering the absurdly high price of a commercial, it seems wise to release the ads on the Internet; the pre-game attention will provide a big boost in views, therefore making the initial investment in the commercial more valuable.

Business communication strategy utilized by companies for commercials in the Super Bowl has evolved from a one-day advertising event into a month-long fight for social media attention and recognition.

However, there is a downside to preemptively releasing the commercials. Social media has made the possibilities for communication endless, but also the potential for a lasting impression nearly impossible. Richwine explains, “If people have already heard about the ads and know the punch lines, they may use commercial breaks to grab a snack.”

Now, the question in terms of business communication is whether or not social media advertising can supplement the quality of communication of live airtime during the Super Bowl. Can a YouTube video released the week before the Super Bowl leave an impression on the customer as effectively as a live Budweiser commercial?

by Elana Widmann




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