The Thank You Note

13 Feb

Is it time to relax after a stressful interview? Many interviewees focus on how to perfect their interview: coming up with creative answers, asking the right questions, or even wearing the perfect black heels. But, what many forget is the importance of what comes after an interview: the thank you note.

An Email Is Just Fine…

It is average, nothing special. However, the old school, hand written thank you note is memorable in this day and age where many forget about snail mail. The only mail these employers get are probably bills, credit card offers, and pizza advertisements. This makes a hand written thank you note by you very special.

Why Do People Not Write Them?

It’s amazing how many people do not write thank you notes, even through email. Writing a thank you note is not hard and does not take much time, but it feels like a chore; a chore no one is motivated to do. After the stressful interview is over, people do not want to worry about following-up, especially when the interview did not go very well. Yet, writing a hand written note will set you apart from the rest of the applicants and is just another way for an employer to remember you.

Okay, I’ll Write One, But What Do I Say? 

Was there something you forgot to mention during the interview? Mention it in the thank you note if you feel that it will tell the recruiter why you are perfect for the job. Include your contact information but no hearts (<3 <3) in the letter please. You and the recruiters are not BFFs yet. Make the note short; it is not a letter. Do NOT ask anything administrative like when you will hear back about the company’s decision. The company will notify you when they decide. Also, do not wait to mail the thank you note. It is snail mail. Get it to the post office ASAP.

With that said, I need to send out my thank you letter. I was supposed to send it out two days ago.

by Liya Mo



4 Responses to “The Thank You Note”

  1. Jacob Trunsky February 13, 2012 at 5:48 am #


    I agree that thank you notes will definitely set you apart from the competition. Perhaps it is best to combine it with an email thank you note, since an physical note can take a few days to get to the receiver.

    On another note, what is your advice for people who have very messy handwriting?!

  2. Silke Sen February 13, 2012 at 3:28 pm #

    Great advice, Liya. I agree with Jacob, sending a short email and following up with a hand written note [on nice stationary] will certainly make a positive impression. If you have messy handwriting, which I happen to have, I recommend writing the note more than once. Try writing in cursive and print, then decide which option will be more legible to others. Writing slowly also has a positive effect on legibility.
    Your thank you note will be appreciated. I am a a huge proponent of demonstrating good manners using an old school, handwritten note to express your appreciation.

  3. Max Franklin February 14, 2012 at 1:34 am #

    This is great advice! To answer Jacob’s question from the perspective of someone who does not have good handwriting and to echo Silke’s advice, take your time. My note-taking handwriting differs greatly from my hand writing used to write thank you notes. Future employers are also not hiring you based on your penmanship as long as it is legible. Legibility can be achieved by everyone if they take time writing and not rush through thank you notes as tempting as it might be. Remember, thank you notes are short and too the point so I does not harm anyone to take an extra five minutes to ensure good handwriting.

    • Ariel Berkson February 20, 2012 at 9:24 pm #

      Max, I definitely agree with you about writing a handwritten note. If you can make you’re writing legible, I think a handwritten note adds a nice touch to the thank you. It sets you even farther apart from the crowd.

      I recently wrote a thank you note to a scholarship foundation that granted me money. I sent a handwritten note to the foundation thanking them for their generosity. After receiving my note the foundation contacted me to tell me they had received my note and that they were appreciative for the effort I put into thanking them. They did not see a handwritten thank you note often. After this experience I see how valuable a handwritten note can be.

      So, if you can make your writing legible, I would definitely choose to write a handwritten thank you note!

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