Rock the Post Finds Support for the New Social Networking Site

14 Feb

Rock the Post is a New York City based startup. While similar to other social networking sites, Rock the Post aims to be a “platform that erases the intermediary figure in business interactions around the world.”

Rock the Post is a business social network out of New York City that seeks to combine social networking and crowdfunding. Crowdfunding refers to the collective cooperation by people who network and pool their money and other resources together to support efforts initiated by other people or organizations. The site strives to serve as a bridge and communication platform for individuals looking for “collaboration and funding.”

On Monday, February 6, Rock the Post announced the closing of its Seed Round after raising $700,000 from American, Canadian, and Spanish angel investors.

Expanding Social Media Once Again?

Over the past five years, there seems to be a new social media site or blog network throughout the World Wide Web. From Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to Tumblr, we must be doing something wrong if we lose communication with people. We have the opportunity to keep in touch with people in our own circles constantly.

Rock the Post is another expansion of social media, but on a more global level.  The network prides itself on “allowing users to go beyond that limiting realm…a platform that allows users to contact people outside of their circle of friends and family, and that are looking to partner up in the context of money, time, and/or materials.”  But haven’t we seen something like this already? Hasn’t LinkedIn combined the worlds of business communication and social networking?

Forget the Future. Focus on the Present.

With so many other social networking sites, we wander about the future of Rock the Post. People must believe in this business social network if angel investors, affluent individuals who provide capital for business start up, invested $700,000 into the company. A strong future must lie ahead.

Launching in November 2011, so far, there are 18,000 users from over 140 countries and 90+ active projects. Seven successful partnerships have formed because of the business social networking. Rock the Post considers a project a success when the business partnership formed through this site creates an active project and completes the project. These success stories range from technology and energy to design and photography. As Rock the Post continues to strengthen global business communication and partnerships through social networking, we know that this network is far from struggling.

As the company builds this bridge for communication, we want to see Rock the Post continue to expand in the business social networking market and continue to forge strong business partnerships.

by Ahkianne Wanliss



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