Your Future in 140 Characters

14 Feb

Life as a baseball player seems great. The minimum salary in the majors is over $400,000, which is livable to say the least. The biggest problem for players, other than their opposition, is that very few players have job security. Almost all players can be told to pack up their things and move to a different city at any time unless their agent worked out a coveted no-trade clause. A player can even be traded to the Toronto Blue Jays and have to change countries. Trades aren’t always ideal for players, although they are a fact in sports. Players should, however, be kept in the loop when their lives are about to be significantly altered.

In December, the Oakland Athletics agreed to trade two of their pitchers, Trevor Cahill and Craig Breslow, to the Arizona Diamondbacks. A kind boss in an office job would give each a call and let them know that they have been transferred to a new state. Breslow found out he was traded via Twitter. Breslow took the high road and responded by thanking many individuals that tweeted words of support to him, however, it had to hurt. It’s as if he was dating someone and she broke up with him over a text message.

I’m sure the team wasn’t required to warn him he was going to be traded, but it would have been courteous. It’s never fun to be the person left out of the loop and it’s hard to imagine what that is like when a man’s livelihood is on the line. In the future, the Athletics should treat their players with dignity by letting them know their fate. Don’t leave people hanging in the balance.

Twitter can have many practical applications in business, although, employees should never have their personal matters exposed to social media before they hear about it. Even if the rest of the world will know soon enough, employers should contact the appropriate parties before executing a deal.

by Corey Hanley



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