How to Make People Like You

19 Feb

It’s easy to have an impressive resume. It’s easy to be able to tie a tie or pick out an elegant looking skirt suit. Sure, you can look the part and be great on paper, but that’s just not enough. When an organization hires you, it isn’t just saying they appreciate your abilities. It’s much more than that. Shave off all the superficial layers, and they are simply saying that they like you.  I’m not talking about the kind of “like” a third grade girl feels for the boy that teases her on the playground. When I say “like,” I am implying that they enjoy your company and want to form a long-lasting and special relationship with you. I’ll even push it to say that they wouldn’t mind being stuck on a desert island with you for a few days. Do you get it now?

Now that you understand the true secret to landing the job, I will do you the kind favor of explaining how to master the art of making people truly like you. Staring across that oh-so-intimidating man or woman in the “I’m more powerful than you” leather chair, just remember my instructions! You will find yourself with a job offer in one hand, maybe a lunch invitation from that once intimidating boss in the other. And now without further or do:

1.    Find common ground

No one likes feeling like the odd man out. No one likes being courageous enough to share their bizarre hobby with you only to have an equally as bizarre glance thrown their way in return. So what, your soon to be boss tells you he just loves dissecting pig livers as a pastime. Do you like pork? Do you like anything resembling pig or once had an infected liver? Say it. That boss will see a connection in your small gesture to find common ground.

2.    Actively listen to what they are saying

When you are in an interview, don’t just seem all peppy and interested in the company’s mission statement, which you clearly memorized in the lobby as you waited. Genuinely focus on what you are hearing. Even if it takes you consciously repeating what is being said to the point where your eyes might be doing a slightly funky wave back and forth out of concentration, LISTEN! You will have a ten times tighter grasp on what is expected of you and will be able to respond in a much more cohesive manner.

3.    Laugh, but only if you actually mean it

 Laughter is crucial to get someone to like you. It shows that you have a good sense of humor and can let yourself go once in a while. Caution – I’m not saying to cackle when you’ve got ten seconds with the President of The United States in an elevator. But in all honesty, if you find something funny, there is no point in not laughing. Holding in laughter only makes your cheeks an obnoxious shade of pink and could result in something that looks like a weird half sneeze. Oppositely, do not laugh if you don’t think its funny! It only blankets the joke made with your pity.

4.    Never forget to smile

Do not ever underestimate the power of a smile. It immediately eases tension, automatically allows two people to connect, and hopefully displays that you care about dental work, and thus overall health. Don’t get too chummy or else it will seem like you are faking it but do not go through an entire interview or walk through the halls of an office without one or two inviting glances. People will instantly feel more comfortable talking with you. Comfortable to the point that they might tell you when you’ve got a large and in charge piece of spinach stuck in that dashing smile!

So, the verdict: connect, listen, laugh, and smile. People will like you and want to spend more time with you, hopefully as a co-worker. Follow these simple steps and you will be pleasantly surprised. I’m sitting here knowing all of you like me just a little bit more and it feels oh so good!

by Eve Josephson


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