A Week in the Life of a CEO

20 Feb

Chief Executive Officer. Many students respond with these three words when asked what level they want to reach in their career. While many of us say we want to get there, most do not understand what this title means, at least in terms of time allotment.

Not So Surprising Findings

Scholars from the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School are attempting to answer the question of how the average CEO spends his/her week. They call their research the “Executive Time Use Project.” Though this project is ongoing, a sample of 65 CEOs yielded an average of only 6 hours a week spent on individual work. What does this mean? The findings say in a typical 55 hour work week, only 11% of the time a CEO is working by him or herself.  The remaining 49 hours of the work week are spent in meetings, on calls, and at client or employee functions.

CEO Demands

It is no wonder many of the CEOs we see today are excellent communicators. For many companies, the CEO is the face of the company, especially for young start-ups. All the time spent in meetings demands that the chief executive officer is able to communicate with clients and colleagues alike. The majority of executives do not simply rise to the top by chance; communication is an essential element in reaching the C-suite.

Implications for Budding Entrepreneurs

Many of my classmates will be eager entrepreneurs after graduation. The students who will become the most successful are those who have mastered the art of communication. As professionals they must be comfortable communicating in both a formal and informal environment. Effective communication allows businessmen and women to stick out in the crowd.

by Derek Abel

Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204642604577215013504567548.html?KEYWORDS=communicating&_requestid=267411


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