Social Media: A Tool Students Can Use To Boost Careers?

20 Feb

The use of social media is a topic that draws a lot of debate in the business world. Since the inception of Facebook and Twitter, my parents told me to be careful what I post because it will get back to employers.  Like always, my parents were right and I have seen many people who are fired for comments posted on these websites, including most recently, Roland Martin. His tweet about the David Beckham commercial during the Super Bowl was controversial and ultimately cost him his job. At first I thought these forms of social media had no use for me except for connecting with my friends until I read Kate Brodock’s article, “9 Ways Students Can Use Social Media to Boost Their Careers.”

In her article, Brodock brings up many points on how social media can enhance your resume and help you get a job. Her ideas highlight three main tips:

  • Social media allows you to make connections with people that you couldn’t connect to before.
  • Social media can help you learn about others.
  • Social media allows the employers to get to know you better and see what interesting things you have to say.

All of the major social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are tools for you to connect with future employers. Companies often post about what they are currently doing and even post about potential job openings. By becoming “friends” or “following” companies, you not only show interest in them, but also find out relevant information you never would have had before. This information is a great tool to use as a conversation starter with an employee and develop a connection with them online.

College students aren’t the only people who use social media to find out about someone. Companies often research candidates online and if your profiles are professional and tailored towards your target companies, you will have a leg up on the competition. Brodock mentions many ways to make yourself look attractive to companies such as including your business interests on your profile, using appropriate language when posting, and posting articles relevant to your field.  If these suggestions are utilized to their full potential, you will be able to, “…position yourself as forward-thinking, forge stronger industry connections, and strengthen your on-paper credentials, making you a much more attractive candidate to your future employers.”

This article completely changed my view on social media. I now keep in mind of what I post and how to use social media in a business environment. If you learn the lessons from this article early you will be able to gain crucial business connections and look like an expert in your field of study.

by Mike Rielly



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