A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words and Potentially Your Starting Salary

21 Feb

Pinterest. If you do not recognize this word by now, stop what you are doing and request an invite (http://pinterest.com/landing/). At this point, about 6 million people are ahead of you, so the decision to get on board is an easy one. Pinterest is an essential tool that you should add to your social media arsenal—and no, I am not just recommending it for a fantastic new means of procrastination—but for an actual benefit. A benefit that we are all at least a little bit interested in: finding a job.

So what is it? Pinterest is a networking site where people can create and share content based on visually related “pinboards.” Pinboards range in everything from coo-worthy puppies, to delicious dessert recipes. Even the U.S. Army is using the site as a recruitment tool (http://mashable.com/2012/02/16/armyusespinterest/). Despite concerns about competition, the site does not battle against the big names in its industry like Twitter and Facebook, but instead complements the sites and ties into the social media platforms directly. Pinterest account users are already looking for ways to share portfolio work and personal content, including the most important document of all…drum roll please…our resumes.

Excuse me? Yes. It is actually quite easy to put your resume on Pinterest, and I will tell you how. Once you have joined (by connecting through your Twitter or Facebook accounts), you can get started and create your first pinboard. The theme of this board will be your “job search pinboard.” You should give the board a creative title as this will help catch an employer’s eye.

Time to start pinning! Adding your resume to the board is an obvious move, but you can also pin accomplishments, writing samples, and portfolio work. The board as a whole will serve as an ever-changing resume that can grow with your new work experiences and achievements.

For example, if you are in advertising with a specialty in sports merchandise, the possibilities are endless. Your boards could include an advertising board with viral campaigns and the latest promotions, an athlete’s board with your favorite players and recent endorsements, and a sports board with news clippings and info-graphics related to the industry. Pinterest is an opportunity to brand yourself and utilize other boards for repinning (you’ll get the lingo down soon enough) to truly frame a job search through showing off interests and giving employers an understanding of who you are.

Pinterest is the new thing that all the cool kids are doing, but if you recognize its ability to serve as a business communication tool, the site will hold much more significance and power than being just the latest trend. The network is handing over an easy and fun way for us crazed internship seekers to share content with our dream employers. Have you signed up yet?

by Julia Bernstein 


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