Can Pinterest Become The Ultimate Social Media Tool?

28 Feb

Will adding social networking and media continue to be as successful? Pinterest is the fastest growing form of online social networking today, outpacing the new membership of Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest allows its users to create boards, or “online scrapbooks” that contain photos followed by a caption. Both aspects of these posts are important in creating a successful pin. The potential seen from pins that are popular is almost unimaginable. A pin can be posted and not even a day later that one pin has hit thousands of new boards. The amazing part about Pinterest is that every pin is public. This means that access is virtually unlimited.

The question is now, how can business utilize this new form of social networking to make their products shine? One pin can easily get lost in the shuffle. The challenge is to make those few important pins viral. Creating categories is an essential part of pinning. Naming boards something creative and comprehensive as well as grouping your boards into larger categories designed by Pinterest gives the best possibility for your pins to become popular.

Giving personality to your pins is a great way to make sure that they get noticed. The easiest way to achieve this is to pick photos that are “funny, inspiring or emotional.” Also, use photos that have good quality and are either obvious in their message or have a create caption that yields an explanation.

This brings up the next point: intriguing captions. Captions can often make or break your pin. Make it descriptive enough that it can carry a search and be more than just a simple description or a one-word summary. A great example of a good caption is “Happy Valentines Day! We added Coral to our colors! This is the Light-Duty Fish Tail Bracelet.” This caption provides a greeting, a description and excitement all in one. It also includes many key words including “coral”, “bracelet”, and “Valentines Day” that would be common search criteria.

The last strong suggestion is to make sure that all of your social media are connected. By having links to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn on your Pinterest account, you give viewers a chance to learn more about your business and products. By giving instant access, you are ensuring that you will not be forgotten.

To answer the original question: yes, Pinterest can be used successfully as a social media tool if you follow the simple guidelines to be clear, creative and concise.

by Ellie Knust

Source: 6 Tips For Tapping Pinterest’s Surging Popularity – WSJ


One Response to “Can Pinterest Become The Ultimate Social Media Tool?”

  1. Valerie H February 28, 2012 at 4:57 am #

    A very helpful article! Businesses should know that visuals often speak louder than words. Time to start pinning!

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