Get Hired for an Internship on the Way to Spring Break!

28 Feb

‘Networking’ may sound like a scary concept, however, with the many advances in online social media, countless opportunities now exist to network with little stress. Long before the idea of networking and its importance was ever explained to me, I had already invested numerous hours building and maintaining invaluable relationships with my time on websites like Facebook. Keeping up with the many online social media options is now essential for any savvy networker, however, as they accumulate so does the amount of time and effort we need to spend networking in front of a computer.

Online Networking is Taking Off

Now, online social media is continuing to evolve, allowing us not only to connect efficiently online, but also to arrange our time away from the computer so that we can network in person while on the go. One such example of the exciting new networking possibilities is Dutch airline KLM’s “Meet and Seat.” When you purchase a ticket, KLM’s webpage allows you the possibility of searching the current passengers by seat, connecting you to their Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. Even with easy communication online, people are traveling as much as ever and the program allows the unique opportunity to network while jetting around the world.

Even if you missed the opportunity to get the information of someone you chatted with on your flight, you can get a second chance with Will Scully-Power’s brainchild “we met on a plane.” After meeting his wife on a flight from Thailand to Sydney, Scully-Power founded a website that allows you to look up the passengers on you recent flight. You can post your personal and flight information on and the website helps you connect with those on the flight with whom never got the chance to exchange numbers. Studies have shown that online mention of “we met on a plane,” is spreading rapidly. Online networking is taking off in every direction imaginable; we just need to keep up. Who knows, maybe you could land a summer internship on your way to spring break.

by Scott Shlossman



2 Responses to “Get Hired for an Internship on the Way to Spring Break!”

  1. Julia Millot February 29, 2012 at 12:12 am #

    This is a really cool concept. I meet people all the time on planes, but it’s so difficult to stay connected with them. It’s great to now know there’s a way I still can!

  2. Valerie H March 2, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    Sometimes people spend so much time on social media that they pay little attention to face-to-face networking, which can be even more effective. Thanks for reminding us!

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