How to Deal with Bad Coworkers

5 Mar

Confronting co-workers about issues in the work place may be a difficult task for those who are less assertive, but one must possess the ability to do so to ensure a comfortable work-place environment. One of the reasons bad co-workers continue to act the way they do around the work place can simply be because no one has approached them about it and let them know they are behaving unfittingly. By not confronting those issues, passive people are reinforcing those actions and implying what the bad co-workers are doing is fine. By standing up for yourself, you let the co-workers know that what they just did is out of line.

In addition to the aforementioned reason, another rationale behind bad attitudes is ignorance. According to a Cornell study published in 1999, many employees are simply not aware of why an individual is unhappy with their work and take criticism as a personal attack. You can resolve this issue by elaborating to co-workers as to why the work they submitted was not acceptable.

Whether a co-worker is screaming at you or not contributing enough in a project, the best way to resolve work-place issues is to act quickly and confront those who are not displaying proper work place etiquette. While it is necessary to take swift action, discussing issues in a public manner is not. Even if a third party is needed to resolve the issue, you can ruin your reputation in the office by portraying a fellow employee in a negative light, regardless of whether that employee is well-liked or not. If you think you want third-party involvement, make sure it really is necessary. Try to resolve all concerns one-on-one. If you  meet with the employee in question in a private setting and inform that person about what is irking you, the criticism may be better received.

Whether the issue is in the work place, in a classroom, or even in your friend group, every person will encounter a similar situation and needs to know how to go about resolving these grievances.

by Joon W. Park

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