Creating Your Online Brand

7 Mar

Is Online Branding Only for Companies?

A growing number of companies create a strong online presence and use social media to target their customers. Companies devote their capital and time to develop an online marketing strategy, such as Facebook advertisements and Twitter campaigns. The internet is a dominating form of communication that holds unlimited potential in the business world. However, the question is, does the power of a strong online brand only apply to companies in the business world?

Why We Must Establish a Strong Online Brand

We, ourselves, are becoming more comfortable communicating on a social media platform. What this increase in the use of social media means, is that a lot of what we say and post online is open for the public to see. Also, some companies in the United States ask job applicants to send links to personal blogs or social media accounts instead of formal resumes. Social media and online websites are becoming an assessment tool in the job market.

Being careful not to post offensive ideas is definitely important; however, this cautiousness only prevents you from establishing a bad online image and does not work towards creating a positive brand. So what can we actually do to create our own online brand?

Tips on Online Branding

A few social media experts provided suggestions on how we can use the internet to establish a strong online brand:

1. Be Fresh. Do not leave your resumes or profiles outdated. Update them periodically.

2. Be Active. Stay visible online. Regularly update your page and participate in discussions.

3. Be Interesting. Maintain a good mix of content. Write about work-related thoughts, views

on current affairs and personal experiences.

4. Be Selective. Be selective when choosing who you network with. The quality of your network matters more than quantity.

5. Be Careful. “Watch what you say.” What you post online is open to the public.

Social media is a powerful communication tool and we must learn how to use it in a way that benefits us. If we are successful in shaping a positive online image, our brand will help us in the future. If we ignore what we say and how we act online, the internet will come back and hurt us. The impact of the internet on our image is greater than we may imagine.

by Jenny Jeong



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