“Racist” K-State Staff Writer with Bad Communication Strategy

7 Mar

A recent article criticizes international students, from “enemy countries”, studying in U.S. public universities. The argument states that public, state universities, which receive government funding, should not educate potential “enemies”.

Firstly, as a university staff writer, Sean Frye represents the voice of the university rather than himself. This article is hostile and even racist. Negative words such as “enemy”, “not friendly”, “disappointing” and “evil” and numerous negative sentences fill with the article. This kind of extreme view should never appear on school’s newspaper, and represent the university’s image, because this view can only bring bad names and criticism to the university.

Secondly, the article is poorly structured and supported. There are 17 paragraphs in this article, Sean Frye did not get to his main point until 14th paragraph, by saying, “My argument is that they shouldn’t have been allowed to come here and study at a public university that receives government funds.” In addition he tried to argue the usage of government fund, by stating each international student consumes 7,000 dollar per semester out of the K-State University’s government assistant fund. However, this egocentric person simply ignored the fact that every international student pays a minimum of 12,898 dollar per semester, while the in-state student pays 7,548 dollar per semester. Without the “international assistance”, the K-State would lose 12.5 million dollar per semester. In this sense, the 972 international students at K-State are helping the US students.

Thirdly, the original idea, the base of this article, is twisted and unacceptable, therefore the whole article seems merely a joke. In a broader sense, this article could target to not only international college undergraduate students from “enemy” countries but also to every single person from China, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq or Turkey who currently lives in the States, because all of them could be “potential risk and threat” to the US. THIS IDEA IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! This is the idea creates animosity between people; this is the idea of racism that starts wars and make people suffer; this is the idea that could divides United States of America! Sean Frye, don’t you know the States has a nickname of “Melting pot”? People from all over the world form the United States of America. No one should judge other people by their original country’s identity, and certainly, you do not have the right to do so on this land.

by Jian Xue

Source: http://www.kstatecollegian.com/opinion/public-universities-should-not-accept-students-from-countries-that-have-bad-relations-with-us-1.2706213#.T0vR-Jh_xJ1


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