Making Your Communication More Effective

27 Mar

Our world is rapidly changing. The conventional way of communication is not enough anymore to be successful. We need more than that. We need creativity! Creativity leads people to communicate more effectively and to be successful. Take Steve Jobs, for instance. He brought success to Apple by creating designs and technology that we only dreamed of – iPods, iPhones and iPads, to name a few. For him, creativity was “connecting things”. And indeed, he revolutionized the world of gadgetry, as we know it.

But Jobs was not alone in this field. Many applied their creativity to gain success or fame. We have the Wright brothers. They used their knowledge of bicycles to create an amazing thing – the airplane. In addition, Arthur Fly’s failure in making sticky glue led him to invent the Post-it note. And there are many more success stories in history.

Tips on How to be Creative

Jonah Lehrer, an American author who specialized in psychology and neuroscience, suggested ten tips to be creative:

1. The color blue – your environment leads you to a more relaxed thinking

2. Grogginess – helps you to perform better on creative puzzles.

3. Daydream – leads you to score higher on creativity tests.

4. Children’s mind – stimulates you to think divergently.

5. Laughter – increases your skills to solve insight puzzles.

6. Unfamiliarity – makes you think outside the box.

7. Generic word – allows you to think in a wider range.

8. Open air – helps you to perform better on creativity tests.

9. Global experience – allows you to obtain open-mindedness.

10. Metropolis – offers you more creative environment than a small city.

by Yunhyouk Choi



One Response to “Making Your Communication More Effective”

  1. Kate Sanner April 27, 2012 at 12:48 am #

    Very interesting summary Yunhyouk! I think business students often forget how to be creative, perhaps these ideas will help. One of the most interesting things I found in this post was how simple so many of these tips are to accomplish. We can all work outside, laugh, and simplify our language in hopes of inspiring a new idea. Great job and I look forward to finding my inner-creativity soon.

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