Let Twitter and Facebook Bring in Your Customers!

2 Apr

By now, I am sure that a lot of companies are aware of social media’s many benefits. From Tweeting to interacting with social media users, companies have mastered the basics of social media to publicize their brands. However, Facebook and Twitter can definitely do more to aid companies. To successfully utilize these social media channels, companies have to transform these followers and Internet users into real-life customers.

Each brand has its own needs with regard to gaining customers. Whether it be a bakery, insurance company, or clothing store, each brand has to cater its strategy to attract the appropriate customers. However, all companies can implement four general strategies to acquire customers.

1. Be Proactive

With Twitter, companies can easily track what topics are trending or if users are talking about their brand. Approximately 340 million Tweets are sent per day and the likelihood of a certain band being mentioned is fairly small and can be buried within the sea of tweets. However, companies should make use of the pool of data on Twitter through a Twitter application called TweetDeck (http://www.tweetdeck.com/). TweetDeck primarily collects Tweets for a specific company even if the Tweet does not have any related hashtags or mention of the handle. This way, companies can get a live feed of these conversations and interact with users.

Companies should also search on Twitter for keywords relating to their brand name, products, or events. This tactic also helps companies to engage with users and create a positive reputation at a very low cost, with the searches allowing companies to find new customers who are mentioning competitors in their Tweets. Brands can simply Tweet at these customers to ask them to come by their store next time—these customers will appreciate the personalized invitation.

2. Use the Graphics

Photos and pictures are twice as exciting as text-based posts on Facebook. For clothing or fashion related brands, using photos is the best way to attract new customers. These photos can feature the certain piece of clothing or jewelry worn by a model and drive traffic to the companies’ web pages or online shopping sites. With the comment box, followers can provide feedback as well. Brands can also post pictures related to popular topics trending online to inspire discussion and relate to a broader range of customers.

3. Know the Purpose of Each Platform

With so many social media sites, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, brands should differentiate the content for each site. If the same messages are being communicated across all channels, customers can easily feel as if they are being spammed with the same sales message. When followers start feeling bothered by the posts, they can very easily  “dislike” or “unfollow” the page.

For each channel, companies should establish a clear purpose for the content. For example, Twitter could be used primarily for customer interaction, while Facebook could be used to offer Facebook-exclusive offers and original content.   This way, followers will get new information from different social media channels and realize the values of each.

4. Acknowledge Customers

As a loyal customer of Apple, I would feel a sense of appreciation if Apple were to acknowledge my loyalty to its products and brand. Especially for clothing brands, people would love to get recognized by respective brands about their style. Just a simple posting of a customer wearing an outfit from the clothing brand would be enough to make customers feel cared for and honored.

Brands that have a younger demographic could benefit immensely from this. For example, Mountain Dew has a very young and tech-savvy fan base. Recently, the company has implemented a competition for Dew drinkers to upload a creative photo of themselves with the new Dew flavor. The public will vote for the most creative photo and the top 15 entries will get certain prizes. By instigating this movement, Dew drinkers not only purchase the specific flavor of Dew but also partake in an interactive event that showcases brand pride.

Through these four strategies, companies should be able to find themselves acquiring more customers and followers on their social media sites. Because creating Twitter or Facebook accounts is relatively easy, several companies have already utilized these channels. However, the key is to stick out from the crowd, which can be accomplished by the four tips discussed above.

by Michelle Chen


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