Communicating with the Media: A Secret to Success

11 Apr

In today’s world, we are flooded by information.  Media outlets such as television, newspaper, magazines, internet sites, and more send us messages or ads on a daily basis.  Sometimes it may seem like information overload, we come in contact with media so often because businesses know it is an effective way to reach us.  The more people see a certain ad or hear about a certain product or service, the bigger the chance is that they will go out and buy it.  As we enter the business world, it is important that we have a strategy for communicating through media in order to support the publicity campaigns we may be a part of.  So how do you get your business news seen or heard?

Craft Your News

If you’re interested in a specific form of communication, research the most recent stories broken by that channel and try to find similarities between them.  You must try to discover what types of news this media outlet finds interesting.  Next, format your information in a way that this outlet will find attractive and in a way that will make it want to publish or air what you have to say.

Form Contacts within the Media

Publishers, radio hosts, and television networks want to provide their readers and listeners with new information.  Doing so ensures that their readers, listeners, and viewers will keep coming back for more. As a result, you should talk to someone in these industries as they will be glad to partner with you, provided you have a good story to tell.  The more contacts you have and the better you know them, the easier it will be for you to get them to inform their public about what your company has to offer.

Say What You Have to Say, but Do It Quickly

If you plan on sending a press release, get to the subject quickly.  A publisher will not take the time to read your press release if it looks too long.  You should know what their readers are interested in or what trends are taking place at the moment and write your press release so that it keys in with those interests, trends, or both.

Communication is Key

Media outlet employees have a constantly overflowing inbox.  Chances are, they won’t see your email and if they do, it will take them a very long time to get back to you.  When you are generating publicity for your company, time is of the essence and you cannot wait around for these editors or hosts.  Instead, pick up the phone and call them.  By using this more “old-fashioned” form of business communication, you are showing tenacity and they will be more likely to believe that the news you have is relevant to them and their readers or listeners.  Once you have gained the attention of a media outlet, feel free to email the employee the details of your company’s product or service and they will prioritize reading that email.

With these four, easy tips, you will have a media strategy that will gain you and your business the utmost success in regards to PR.

by Miranda Gonzales


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