We Need a New Social Media Mindset

12 Apr

Busy people don’t want to do more than they have to. For an executive with a hectic schedule, being active on social media is probably not a top priority. This is likely because active social media participation is seen as an obligation, rather than an opportunity.

Social media offers a unique set of tools that can be utilized to hone crucial leadership skills. Business leaders should integrate social media in their lives as an effective way to develop these skills, using the following tactics.

Create a Leadership Dashboard

Use an aggregator to compile news and ideas from multiple sources in one place. This will cut down on the amount of time you spend looking through different sites and make it easier to stay connected with social news. 

Stay Focused

Reinvigorate your team’s creative talents in the unique, collaborative environment of social sites like MindMeister.com and Pinterest.com. These tools can be a great way to avoid stagnant creative sessions, and improve your brainstorming effectiveness.

Change Channels

Escape the clutter and mess associated with an overused email inbox and use Twitter instead. To ensure that time-sensitive content stands out to your target audience, send tweets directly to people.  While a link in an email is easily overlooked, a targeted tweet with a link will almost always be clicked.

Join a CEO-cial Network

Make a small list of five to 15 executives whom you respect and trust. Now, use social media to develop the relationships you already have with them. By interacting with them via social media, you can build rapport and solidify your relationship with them. This is important so you can use them as more effective resources down the road when you really need it!

Find Your Happy Place

Craft your social media experience to be entertaining and relaxing by eliminating uninteresting content and following unique and exciting people. Checking Twitter or Facebook can be a refreshing pause in your day if you only follow people of high interest to you.

Amplify Your Voice

Use a blog within your company to share success stories and receive feedback on your performance. You can also share interesting links via Twitter instead of email so people do not feel spammed and can better appreciate your shared content!

In whole, business leaders have a lot to gain from using social media. Thinking about social media as an opportunity will help you learn and grow on a daily basis. And by utilizing the tactics outlined above, you will find out just how useful and exciting it can be.

by Patrick Buggy

Source: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970203753704577255531558650636.html


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