You Are What You Tweet

23 Apr

Parents and teachers always warn students to be careful when tweeting. High school senior Yuri Wright learned this lesson the hard way when he was expelled from school because of his offensive tweets.

The Punishment

Wright attended Don Bosco Prep, a private Catholic high school in New Jersey. As a standout football player he amassed a large number of followers on Twitter.  In July many of his followers noticed a series of offensive tweets and his football coach, along with school administrators warned him to be more careful about his posts. He continued to post offensive tweets and was expelled on January 7.

The Consequences

The consequences from these tweets will last a lifetime. Wright’s top college choice, Michigan, stopped recruiting him after his tweets. Other top universities have also stopped recruiting him and it appears that he will play for a smaller college football program. For the firs time a national recruit missed out on opportunities due to social media blunders. Universities, along with future employers, care about social media present. Always present yourself professionally in every form of communication. Ineffective social media communication may lead to major consequences, such as the one suffered by Wright. Make sure that your communication always reflects positively on your character. If you do not communicate effectively there can be very severe consequences, just ask Yuri Wright.

by Ryan Charnov



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